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A more secure world: Our shared responsibility

UN 2005.04.20
The purpose of this report is to suggest how nations can work together to meet this formidable challenge. It is the work of a panel of sixteen eminent and experienced
people, drawn from different parts of the world, whom I asked a year ago to assess current threats to international peace and security; to evaluate how well our existing policies and institutions have done in addressing those threats; and to recommend ways of strengthening the United Nations to provide collective security for the twenty-first century. The Panel has met, and even surpassed, my expectations. This is a report of great range and depth, which sets out a broad framework for collective security, and indeed gives a broader meaning to that concept, appropriate for the new millennium. It suggests not only ways to deal with particular threats, but also new ways of understanding the connections between them, and explains what this implies in terms of shared policies and institutions. In so doing, it also offers a unique opportunity to refashion and renew the United Nations, which world leaders defined four years ago, in the
Millennium Declaration, as “the indispensable common house of the entire human family”.

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