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연구보고서 Human Resources and Social Development Issues : Essays on Korea's Fifth Five-Year Plan Vol.II 1987.12.15


Series No. 87-05

연구보고서 Human Resources and Social Development Issues : Essays on Korea's Fifth Five-Year Plan Vol.II #노동 일반(기타) #교육 일반(기타)


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    Edwin S. Mills
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    Graham Clarkson
  • KDI
    Manuel Zymelman
  • KDI
    Mario F. Bognanno
  • KDI
    Paul Fisher
  • KDI
    Raymond J. Struyk
  • KDI
    Eberhard Liebau
  • KDI
    Harold Goldstein
  • KDI
    Ian Masser
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    Richard J. Szal
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The rapid economic growth and development that Korea has
achieved since it embarked in the early 1960s on a series of
five-year development plans has drawn increasingly wide
attention. Of these plans, the Fifth Five-Year Economic and
Social Development {lan spanning 1982 Through 1986 has special

In a major departure from past planning patterns, the Fifth
Plan emphasized private initiative and greater use of market
forces as the Korea economy grew in size and became more
complex. Moreover, the [lan also gave considerable weight to
social development programs, along with sustained economic
growth with stability.

The Fifth Plan assumed added importance as it was meant
to chart a course for the Korean economy to recover from the
setbacks of 1979-80 and resume the pace of continued high
growth. The plan proved successful. Under its auspices, the
Korean economy rebounded form the negative growth of 1980
and saw its chronic inflation subside, while most other
economies were mired in an prolonged worldwide recession in
the wake of the second oil crisis.

This book is the second of a two-volume series of essays
written for the Firth Five-Year Plan, These essays represent the
work of a number of specialists, mostly foreign consultants who
were brought in to study specific aspects of the korean economy
and to offer policy recommendations for the Fifth Five-Year

This collection of essays provides comprehensive, in-depth
analyses of various major aspects of the Korea economy at the
time, and many of their policy prescriptions are still relevant.
Furthermore, this collection provides an illuminating and practical
insight into the process of development planning, at a time when
policymakers face difficult decisions in trying to adapt to
changing economic and social conditions.

(※ 서문에서 발췌한 내용임)
Part I. Human Resources and Labor-Management Relations
1. Harold Goldstein, An Information System on Manpower
for the Republic of Korea
2. Kye-Woo Lee, Human Resources Planning with Special
Reference to Technical Education and Vocational Training
3. Manuel Zymelman, Some Thoughts on Human Resources
Development in Korea
4. Eberhard Liebau, Labor-Management Relations in the
Republic of Korea
5. Mario F. Bognanno, Collective Bargaining in Korea :
Laws, Practices, and Recommendations for Reform
Part II. Income Distribution and Social Security
1. Richard J. Szal, Emerging Trends in Income Distribution
in Korea and Their Implications for Future Planning
2. Paul Fisher, Social Security in Korea in the Eighties
3. Graham Clarkson, Comments on Health Card Services in
Korea with Particular Emphasis on the Medical Insurance
Part III. Regional Planning and Housing
1. Edwin S. Mills, Procedures for Allocating Land in Korea
2. Ian Masser, Some Aspects of Urban and Regional
Planning in Korea
3. Raymond J. Struyk, Housing in Korea's Fifth Five-Year
Plan : Possibilities and Constraints
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