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기타 연구자료 Impact of the Seoul Olympic Games on National Development 1989.05.01

기타 연구자료 Impact of the Seoul Olympic Games on National Development #거시 일반(기타) #입지정책 #지역경제


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    Kwangmo Koo
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    Jaecheon Yu
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The Seoul Olympic Games, commencing with the splendid
Opening Ceremony and continuing for two weeks with
excitement-filled competitions, greatly influenced many aspects of
Korean society. When the Olympic torch which brightly
symbolized the Olympic ideal was extinguished at the Closing
Ceremony, everybody stood hand-in-hand, hoping that the
moment would last a little longer.

The Seoul Olympic Games, hosted with the support of all
the Korean people, will be remembered as the most successful in
modern Olympic history, realizing the Olympic ideal and
capturing the Olympic spirit while showcasing to the utmost the
potential of the Korean people. Looking back at the beginning
stags, when Seoul first made its bid, there were many critics
who voiced fears and were skeptical about hosting the Olympic
Games. However, by overcoming many obstacles, and thanks to
the new foundation of national strength and the wholehearted
efforts of the organizers, the results in many cases exceeded our

Through its report, 'Evaluation of the Economic Feasibility
of the 1988 Olympic Games and Analysis of it Effect,' published
in 1984 and 'The Significance of the Seoul Olympic Games for
National Development,' published in 1987, the Korea Development
Institute(KDI) analyzed the political, diplomatic, social, cultural
and economic repercussions that hosting the Olympic Games
would have on Korea. Now, as the curtain has fallen on the
Olympic Games, it is time to analyze the comprehensive effects
and significance of the Seoul Olympic Games.

(※서문에서 발췌한 내용임)
Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. The Seoul Olympic Games : Impact on Korea`s International
1. The Effect of the Seoul Olympics on Korea`s Security
2. Opportunity to Contact Socialist Countries
3. Creating an Opportunity for Cooperation with Third World
4. Impact on Reunification
5. The Seoul Olympics and Korean-American Relations
6. Conclusion
Ⅲ. Social and Cultural Development the Seoul Olympics
1. Effect on National Unity and the Enhancement of Korea`s
International Position
2. Effect on Values and Norms
3. Effect on National Perceptions of the World
4. Effect on the Environment
5. Effect on Culture and Art
6. Overall Evaluation of the Olympic Games
7. Conclusion
Ⅳ. The Economic Impact of the Olympic Games
1. Introduction
2. Assessment of Olympics-Related Projects
3. Impact of the Olympics on the National Economy
4. Long-Term Effects on National Economic Development
5. Conclusion
Ⅴ. The Seoul Olympics & The Development of Politics and
Public Administration
1. Host Countries and the Development of Politics
2. The Seoul Olympics and Political Democratization
3. The Seoul Olympics and the Internationalization of
Political Awareness
4. Improvements in the Democratic Administrative
5. Expanded Base of Efficient Administration
6. Conclusion
Ⅵ. Summary and Conclusion
1. Korea`s Enhanced Status in the International Community
2. Enhancement of National Pride
3. Promotion of Traditional Culture
4. Springboard for an Economic Take-Off
5. Political and Administrative Advancement
6. Future Tasks
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