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정책세미나 Policy Issues in National Pension Schemes : Korea and Germany (Papers and Discussions from the Joint KDI/FES Conference, October 11, 1990) 1991.08.01

정책세미나 Policy Issues in National Pension Schemes : Korea and Germany (Papers and Discussions from the Joint KDI/FES Conference, October 11, 1990) #연금


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KDI and FES have held annual seminars since 1988 on
various policy issues in social security. The venue of the
seminar rotates between Seoul, Bonn and Berlin.

The third pension seminar was held at KDI, Seoul on
October 11, 1990 Four scholars and experts including Professor
Winfried Schmahl of Bremen University in Germany prepared
their papers on experiences of German pension schemes. The
theme was discussed in great depth. In Korea, eleven scholars
and experts including Mr, Min Jae-Sung and Dr, Yoo Il-Ho,
fellows of KDI, prepared their papers on integration of Korea's
public pension systems, expansion of the National Pension
Scheme's coverage and management of the National Pension
Scheme fund.

This is the proceedings of the seminar and presents six
papers and discussions for each session, I expect this
proceedings to help the development of the pension schemes of
the two countries and to contribute to the academic exchange
between the two countries.

(※ 서문에서 발췌한 내용임)
Optimal Integration of Korea's Public Pension Schemes - Min
Jae-Sung, Yoo Il-Ho
Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Korea's Public Pension Programs
Ⅲ. Integration of Korean Public Pension Programs
Ⅳ. Conclusion

Coordination and Integration of Old Age Pension Schemes: Some
Experiences from a German Point of View- Winfried Schmahl
Ⅰ. Introduction: Some Dimensions of the Subject and Definition
of Terms
Ⅱ. Brief Survey of the Pension Schemes in the Federal Republic
of Germany
Ⅲ. Coordination between Public Pension Schemes with Identical
Benefit and Financing Law: The Example of the Statutory
Pension Insurance of the Federal Republic of Germany
Ⅳ. Coordination between Different Types of Public Pension
Schemes: The Example of the Statutory Pension Insurance
and the Civil Servants' Scheme
Ⅴ. Coordination between Public Schemes and Private
Supplementary Schemes of Old Age Security
Ⅵ. Coordination and Harmonization of Public Pension Schemes
in Connection with the International Mobility of Employees
Ⅶ. Integration of Statutory Pension Schemes of the Two Former
German States

Coverage Expansion of the Korea National Pension System with
a Two-Tier Scheme- Chung Kyung-Bae
Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Some Issues Relating to Coverage
Ⅲ. Present Korea National Pension System
Ⅳ. The Swedish Two-Tier Pension System
Ⅴ. The Canadian Two-Tier Pension System
Ⅵ. A Coverage Expansion Plan for the Korea National Pension
Ⅶ. Conclusion

Old-Age Insurance in the Field of Agriculture as a Special Case
of the Extension of Compulsory Insurance Coverage for Future
Groups among the Population- B.von Maydell
Ⅰ. Historical Basis for the Development of the Old-Age
Insurance System in the Federal Republic Of Germany
Ⅱ. The Situation of the Self Employed Farmers Prior to the
Creation of Pension Insurance for Farmers
Ⅲ. Survey of Farmers' Old-Age Benefits Under the GAL of
Ⅳ. Some Selected Problem

Policy Issues on Financial Stabilization of the National Pension
Fund- Chang Chung-Sik
Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. The Nature and Financial Prospects of the National Pension
System and Fund
Ⅲ. Evaluation of the Operation of the National Pension Fund
Ⅳ. Major Policy Issues

Capital Formation and Investment Management in the Statutory
Pension Schemes in Germany- Otfried Geyer
Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Sources of Finance for the Pension Insurance Plan
Ⅲ. Financial Procedure in the Pension Insurance Plan
Ⅳ. Formation of Capital by the Pay-As-You-Go Method
Ⅴ. The Conflict of Aims in Investment Principles
Ⅵ. Pension Insurance Agencies' Investment Possibilities for
Reserve Assets
Ⅶ. Development of the Loss Equalization Reserve in to an
Instrument of Liquidity Control
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