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정책세미나 Environmental Policy Toward the Year 2000 (Papers from the Joint KDI/FES Conference, June 2-3, 1993) 1994.08.01

정책세미나 Environmental Policy Toward the Year 2000 (Papers from the Joint KDI/FES Conference, June 2-3, 1993) #소비자 후생 및 보호 #규제 일반(기타) #환경 및 에너지


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    Rolf-Ulrich Sprenger
As the world consciousness of the protection of the earth
grows, environmental problems habe become an emergent
international cooperative issue with which we have to deal on
reciprocal basis. many international conferences habe discusses
this uses and many resulting environmental agreements have
been concluded. In order to effectively deal with these conditions,
it is time that we must intensify environmental standard and
adjust the roles of government, firms and the public.

Therefore, KDI(Korea Development Institute) and
FES(Friedrich Ebert Stiftung) held a joint seminar on
Environmental Policy towards the Year 2000; European
Experiences and Alternatives for korea, inviting Korea and
German scholars to explore the directions for the year 2000
environmental policy of Korea on the basis of European,
especially the German experiences.

The seminar was held at KDI, Seoul on June 2-3, 1993.
Three scholars and experts including Mrs. Marion Caspers-Me가
of member of Parliament prepared their papers on experiences of
German environmental policy. The theme was discussed in great
depth. In Korea, four scholars and experts including Dr.
Chin-seung Chung and Dr. Il-chong Nam, fellows of KDI,
prepared their papers on Korea's environmental policy.

This is the proceedings of the seminar and presents six
papers. In Appendix, two papers on effect of German
Reunification to environmental policies and on decentralization of
environmental policy were presented. I expect this proceedings to
help the development of environmental policy of the two
countries and to contribute to academic exchange between the
two countries.

(※ 서문에서 발췌한 내용임)
ChapterⅠ. The Shared Roles between the Control and Local
Governments for environmental Preservation
Ⅰ. Korea's Environmental Policy in the Age of Decentralization-
Chin-seung Chung & Hoi-seong Jeong
1. Introduction
2. The Framework of Environmental Policy Implementation
3. Decentralization of Environmental Responsibilities in Korea
4. Guidelines for Developing Decentralized Policy Structures
5. Policy Recommendations for Effective Decentralization
6. Concluding Remarks
Ⅱ. The General Setting for Environmental Policy in the Federal
Republic of Germany-Global Action, Central Regulation, Local
Action- Marion Caspers-merk
1. Germany's Federal Structure and Its Importance
2. Local Actions-Environmental Policy at Municipal Level
3. Environmental Policy at State Level
4. Federal Government-National Backdrop for Environmental
5. From Throw-Away Society to Product Responsibility
6. Flood of Laws and Water Shortages
ChapterⅡ. Policy Options to Induce Environmental Investment
from the Private Sector
Ⅰ. Using Price Mechanisms in Waste Management: Korea's
Case- Il-chong Nam
1. Introduction
2. An Overview of the Environmental Policies of Korea
3. Current State of Waste Management in Korea
4. Alternative Policies
5. The Case of Used Lubricating Oil
6. Conclusions
Ⅱ. Public Policies and Instruments to Increase the Private
Sector's Contribution to Environmental Protection in
Germany- Rolf-Ulrich Sprenger
1. Introduction
2. Major Environmental Policy Issues in Germany
3. The Role of Instruments in German Environmental Policy
4. Other Pressures on the Private Sector
5. Trends and Conclusions
ChapterⅢ. The Role of NGOs on Environmental Preservation
Ⅰ. The Role of NGOs in the Building Process of an
Environmentally Sustainable Society- Moon-kyu Kang
1. Introduction
2. Who are NGOs
3. The Present Situation of the Korean Environmental NGOs
4. NGO Called for Action with Alternative Treaties
5. Advocacy, Campaign and Awareness Building
6. Environmental Information
7. Education for Alternative Lifestyle
8. Conclusion
Ⅱ. The Role of NGOs in German Environmental Policy-History,
Organization and Activities of Different Environmental NGOs
in the Federal Republic of Germany
1. Historic Roots of the German Environmental Movement
2. Future NGO Perspectives
3. Environmental Policy Perspective and Conclusion
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