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17th President, Korea Development Institute Cho, Dong Chul
March 23, 1961
  • 1991

    Ph.D., Economics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.

  • 1986

    M.A., Economics, Seoul National University, South Korea.

  • 1984

    B.A., Economics, Seoul National University, South Korea.

Research Interests (Major)
Macroeconomics, International Finance
Professional Appointments
  • Dec. 2022 ~ present

    President, Korea Development Institute (KDI)/KDI School of Public Policy and Management (KDIS)

  • Oct. 2006 ~ Nov. 2022

    Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management

  • Apr. 2016 ~ Apr. 2020

    Member, Monetary Policy Board of the Bank of Korea

  • Jul. 2013 ~ Apr. 2016

    Chief Economist, Korea Development Institute (KDI)

  • Jan. 2008 ~ Dec. 2009

    Vice President, Korea Development Institute(Leading the Department of Macroeconomic and Financial Polices)

  • May. 1995 ~ Dec. 2008

    Research Fellow, Korea Development Institute(Leading the Macroeconomics Division)

  • Jun. 2005 ~ Jul. 2006

    Senior Counselor to the Deputy Prime Minister, and Head of the Macro-Policy Advisory Team at the Ministry of Finance and Economy

  • Sep. 1991 ~ May. 1995

    Assistant Professor, Texas A & M University

Public Committees and Scholarly Services
  • May. 2013 ~ Apr. 2016

    National Economic Advisory Council to President

  • May. 2008 ~ May. 2010

    Presidential Council for Future and Vision

  • Aug. 2007 ~ Dec. 2009

    Advisory Committee for Public Service Prices, MOFE

  • Mar. 1997 ~ Dec. 2007

    Review Committee for the Statistics Publications, National Statistics Office

  • Mar. 2005 ~ May. 2005

    Advisory Committee for Finance Audit Bureau (Chair), the Board of Audit and Inspection

  • Jan. 2004 ~ May. 2004

    Policy Advisory Committee for the Prime Minister

  • Jan. 2003 ~ Feb. 2003

    Presidency Undertaking Advisory Committee

  • Sep. 1999 ~ May. 2005

    Board of Editors, Korean Economic Studies

  • Feb. 2001 ~ May. 2005

    Board of Editors, Econometric Studies

Refereed International Journals
  • “Decomposing exchange rates of Asia into financial and real factors,” Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics, Vol. 24, pp.377-386, 2017 (with Kyuesook Han).
  • “Effects of Quantitative Easing on Asia: Capital Flows and Financial Markets,” The Singapore Economic Review, Vol. 59, No. 3, pp.1-23, July, 2014 (with Changyong Rhee).
  • “Aggregate Demand Gap Based on a Simple Structural VAR,” Economics Letters, pp.228-234, February 2012.
  • “Time to Shift from Macro- to Micro-Policies,” with Sukha Shin, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, pp.191-193, November 2011.
  • “Crisis and Employment: The Case of Korea,” with Sukha Shin, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, pp.169-177, November 2011.
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  • “A Utility Based Comparison of Some Models of Exchange Rate Volatility,” With Kenneth D. West and Hali J. Edison, NBER Technical Working Paper, No.128, Journal of International Economics, pp. 23-45, 1993.
Book Chapters in International Publications
  • “Declining Potential Growth in Korea,” with Kyooho Kwon, Chapter 8 in Sustaining Economic Growth in Asia, edited by Jeremie Cohen-Setton, Thomas Helbling, Adam Posen, and Changyong Rhee, Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2018.
  • “Is Korea’s Monetary Policy following in the Footsteps of Japan?” Economic Stagnation in Japan, edited by Dongchul Cho, Takatoshi Ito, and Andrew Mason, Edward Elgar Publishing Inc., pp.202-231, 2018.
  • “The Republic of Korea’s Economy in the Swirl of Global Crisis,” The Global Financial Crisis and Asia: Implications and Challenges, edited by Masahiro Kawai, Mario Lamberte, and Young Chul Park, Oxford University Press, pp.182-196, 2012.
  • “Responses of the Korean Economy to the Global Crisis: Another Currency Crisis?” Global Economic Crisis: Impacts, Transmission, and Recovery, edited by Maurice Obstfeld, Dongchul Cho and Andrew Mason, Edward Elgar Publishing Inc., pp.57-77, 2012.
  • “Interest Rate, Inflation and Housing Price: With an Emphasis on Chonsei Price in Korea,” NBER Working Paper Series #11054, 2005, Monetary Policy under Very Low Inflation Rates, Edited by Andrew Rose and Takatoshi Ito, NBER, Chicago Press, pp.337-373, 2006.
  • “Post-Crisis Structural Changes and Monetary Policy Scheme in Korea,” Macroeconomic Implications of Post-Crisis Structural Changes in Korea, Edited by Lee-Jay Cho, Dongchul Cho and Yoon Hyung Kim, 2005.
  • “Macroeconomic Impacts of a Revaluation of the Chinese Yuan on South Korea,” Exchange Rate Regimes in East Asia, Edited by Fred Bergsten, IIE, 2004.
  • “The Monetary Policy Response to the Crisis,” The Korean Economy Beyond the Crisis, Edited by Duk-Koo Chung and Barry Eichengreen, Edward Elgar Publishing Inc., pp.89-112, 2004.
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  • “Liberalization of Capital Flows in Korea: Big-Bang or Gradualism?” with Young-Sun Koh, NBER Working Paper Series #5824, 1997, Changes in Exchange Rates in Rapidly Developing Countries, Edited by Takatoshi Ito and Anne Krueger, Chicago Press, pp.285-308, 1999.
Book Editing
  • Macroeconomic Implications of Post-Crisis Structural Changes in Korea, With Lee-Jay Cho and Yoon Hyung Kim, Korea Development Institute, 2005.
  • Global Economic Crisis: Impacts, Transmission, and Recovery, With Maurice Obstfeld and Andrew Mason, Edward Elgar, 2012.
  • Growth Crisis and the Korea Economy, Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), 2015.
  • Economic Stagnation in Japan, With Takatoshi Ito and Andrew Mason, Edward Elgar Publishing Inc., 2018.
  • Economic Dynamism of Korea: With a Focus on the Comparison with Japan, Korea Development Institute, 2015
  • Korea’s Capacity to cope with Crises in a Globalized Environment, With Hyun-wook Kim, Korea Development Institute, 2011.
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