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G20 Conference

G20 Global Financial Stability Conference (GFSC) Since 2013, the G20 Global Financial Stability Conference has been bringing together the world’s leading academics, researchers, and experts to share a global look at international finance's current state and discuss key implications and countermeasures. Co-hosted by the Korea Development Institute (KDI) and the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Korea, this annual event is held back-to-back with the G20 International Finance Architecture Working Group meeting to enable fluid policy dialogues. At the conference, our distinguished speakers from academia, think tanks, and international financial institutions present today’s most pressing concerns of the world economy and discuss our next steps to tackle these barriers to global financial stability.

The 2023 G20 Conference will be held on Sep. 20.
KDI Office of Global Economy
Advancing the Global Economic Agenda and International Cooperation The office seeks to advance multilateral approaches by addressing key G20 issues such as global governance, international economy, and structural reform.
Scope of Research and Activities
  • Key agenda at G20 conferences
  • Global governance and framework agreements
  • Key global economic issues and policy agenda
  • Case studies on structural changes, domestic and overseas
  • Joint projects with international organizations and global research institutes.
Contact Point

LEE, Sungjin

TEL : +82-44-550-4259 Email :

Ministry of Economy and Finance (MOEF)
The Ministry of Strategy and Finance will take responsibility for the future of the Korean economy through stable macroeconomic management, rational adjustment of economic policies, efficient distribution of national resources and securing fiscal soundness, innovation of public institutions, rational tax policies, and strengthening of international finance and external cooperation.
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