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KDI - Korea Development Institute

KDI - Korea Development Institute



Economic Information and Education Center (EIEC)

With the aim of enhancing the public's understanding of the economy and fostering responsiveness to the changing economic conditions at home and abroad, the Economic Information and Education Center (EIEC) undertakes diverse tasks including providing economic information, conducting policy opinion surveys, supporting economic education at schools, organizing virtual and off line training programs, conducting analysis of and data development for the digital economy, and building a policy platform.
Department of
Markets and
Information and
Education Center(EIEC)
The center collects and analyzes economic data and information. It publishes periodicals that provide information on the Korean economy and economic policies. The center also conducts public surveys on key economic issues and provides economic education based on customized curriculum.

Scope of Research and Activities
• Developing educational programs and materials
• Producing public-relation materials and analysis of economic news
• Conducting surveys on economic policies and the current status of economic issues
• Building and analyzing databases for economic policies
• Enhancing public understanding of economic affairs through various projects
• Operating websites and other online services to provide economic policy information
• Implementing various other operations to promote public understanding of economics
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