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Economic Information and Education Center (EIEC)

With the aim of enhancing the public's understanding of the economy and fostering responsiveness to the changing economic conditions at home and abroad, the Economic Information and Education Center (EIEC) undertakes diverse tasks including providing economic information, conducting policy opinion surveys, supporting economic education at schools, organizing virtual and off line training programs, conducting analysis of and data development for the digital economy, and building a policy platform.
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Welcome to the website for KDI Economic Information and Education Center (EIEC).

As seen from recent developments in technological innovation, the economic environment is changing rapidly causing immediate and enormous impacts worldwide. This testifies to the fact that we are now living in a globalized era. It is crucial for each country as well as individuals to understand those changes and to quickly adapt to the transitions.

First, EIEC aims to provide information on various economic issues to economic agents in order for them to correctly understand and respond to diverse economic phenomena. The services include opinion poll analysis, text mining analysis, EPU(Economic Uncertainty Index) development, policy information time series work, etc.

Second, EIEC is committed to the role as a 'New Window into Economy' by providing not only its own economic information but also constantly updated information of the world. The 'New Window into Economy' is also the catch phrase reflecting EIEC's determination for the service. EIEC collects, analyzes, organizes and offers various and useful economic information and policy trends from all around the world on a real time basis.

Third, EIEC promises to work earnestly to provide better customized economic education programs and materials and to compile quality economic information so as to become a valuable resource provider to all users. Practically, EIEC provides economic education programs to teachers, government officials, and the general public in hopes of leading to better understanding of the global economy as well as market economy principles.

The ultimate objective of EIEC is to enhance public convenience and national competitiveness, by acting as a true economic information provider and fact-checker amid the flood of economic information.

Thank you.

Executive Director,?Economic Information and Education Center

Inho, SONG


EIEC was established with an objective to enhance the public understanding on economy and has focused on projects for 'economic education' and 'provision of economic information,' among which include various economic education programs specifically customized for elementary, middle, and high school teachers, local government officials, civic groups, local journalists, the youth, and so on.

Major Projects

Furthermore, EIEC has annually held the National High School Student Scholastic Competition for Economic Studies.
In addition, EIEC has three monthly publications: Narakyungje, a policy information magazine, Economic Bulletin, an economic trends magazine, and Click! Economic Education, a reference material for academic economic education. Various economic information and news are also made available on a real time basis through EIEC website.

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