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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
  • Korea Development Institute (“KDI”, “we”, “our”, or ”us“) tales the privacy of our users very seriously, ad complies with the requirements in ”Personal Information Protection Act“ and ”Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, ETC.“
  • We provide this Privacy Policy to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information we receive from our users. We are committed to protecting the privacy rights of our users.
  • We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any material change or update will be posted on our website at least seven days prior to the change becoming effective.

Personal information you provide us when registering will be used for no other purpose than followings:

  • KDI e-newsletter subscription service
  • Educational training programs, economic education courses, and community activities.
Use and Retention

Your personal information will be destroyed immediately after the purpose of its collection or use has been achieved after being retained for a certain period of time in accordance with our internal retention policies:

  • Upon website membership termination
  • After the investigating authorities complete their investigation for the purpose of obtaining information pertaining to the violation of concerned laws

We collect the following personal information at the time of membership sign-up to provide services, such as membership registration, consumer service, and subscription benefits.

  • Mandatory: user ID, password, full name, birth dates, email address, occupation type
  • Optional: company, department, title, address, mobile phone number
  • In the course of your using our services, the following information may be automatically generated and collected: IP address, cookie
  • ProcedurePersonal information of users given at the time of sign-up will be completely destroyed or erased from our DB immediately upon membership termination. We may retain the information of our training program attendees for a certain period of time for the reason of information protection according to our internal policy or other related laws or regulations.
  • MethodPersonal information saved in an electronic file format will be deleted by using technical methods that prevent the regeneration of it. Personal information printed on paper will be shredded or incinerated.
Protective Measures

We take following measures to secure personal information.

  • Administrative measures: internal management plans, regular education programs for employees
  • Technical measures: strict clearance procedures for the private information management system, access control system, one-way password encryption, personal information (communications) encryption, and antivirus or security softwares
  • Physical measures: restricted access to areas such as data storage or management system rooms.

We never disclose your personal information to a third party unless otherwise specified below.

  • If we obtain your prior consent
  • If required by laws or requested by investigating authorities for investigation purposes prescribed by related laws and regulations
Entrustment of Personal Information Processing

We do not entrust the processing of your personal information to outside parties without your consent. If it is necessary to do so, we will inform you of the details of the company and its use of your personal information and will endeavor to obtain your prior consent.
If your are a KDI book membership holder, we may disclose your personal information to a third party for book delivery as you agreed at the time of registration, and when we do so, we will ensure the third party complies with all necessary procedures required by Article 26 (Restrictions on Management of Personal Information Following Entrustment of Affairs) of Personal Information Protection Act.

Users’ Rights and Method of Exercising Those Rights

Users or their legal representatives reserve the rights to request inspection, correction, deletion, or processing suspension of personal information.

  • Users may directly inspect or correct their personal information or cancel their membership on our website after authentication procedure. Or, just contact our personnel in charge of handling private information in writing, or by phone or email, we will process your request immediately.
  • All personal information terminated or deleted by the request of users or their legal representatives will be processed in accordance with our internal retention policy and regulations on personal information protection and use, and willnot be inspected or used for other purposes.
Privacy Policy Contact Information

If you have any questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy or the use of personal information, please contact us at following channels. We will respond to you within a reasonable time.

  • Privacy Officer, General Affairs and Personnel Unit
    Division of General Administration
    Korea Development Institute
    263 (Bangok-dong), Namsejong-ro, Sejong-si 30149, Korea
Office in Charge of Personal Information Inspection

In pursuant to Article 35 (Inspection of Personal Information) of Personal Information Protection Act, users may request our department to allow the inspection of your personal information, and we will endeavor to process the request as promptly as possible.

Other Contacts to Consult about Privacy Infringement

If you are unsatisfied with our responses or seek professional advice, you may refer your complaint to the following agencies for assistance:

  • Korea Internet Security Center (by the Korea Information & Security Agency)
    IT Venture Tower, Garak-dong 78, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea 05717
    Tel: (Without Area Code) 118
  • Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee(by the Korea Information & Security Agency)
    Tel: 82-2-405-5119
  • Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau
    Tel: 82-1566-0112
  • Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Cybercrime Investigation Department
    Tel: 82-2-3480-3573
Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of May 14, 2013. Please click here for prior versions of our privacy policy.

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