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KDI - Korea Development Institute

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Meaning of the CI
  • KDI

    The dark gray, solid font symbolizes KDI’s excellence and trustworthiness as the nation’s sole comprehensive policy research institute, and portrays its renewed commitment to effectively guide Korea’s economy and society.

    ㄱ, ㄴ (Korean consonants)The first two letters of the Korean alphabet were used to represent the willingness of KDI to emulate Sejong the Great’s spirit and love for the people.

    ㄱ (Giyeok)Symbolizes KDI’s image as an innovative and progressive pioneer of Korean society.

    ㄴ (Nieun)Symbolizes KDI's knowledge and information infrastructure that have been accumulated and built during the past 52 years.

  • 50th Anniversary Emblem Design

    The emblem to commemoratemark the 50th anniversary of the Korea Development Institute (KDI) is based on the 50 years that KDI has spearheaded Korea’s policymaking and the 50 years that it will continue to guide Korea’s economic development. It also embodies the concept’s key phraseword “Power of Thought,” and slogan “World-leading Think Tank, Shaping the Future.”

    The bold ‘5’ represents the roles KDI has served as a pillar of policy while the ‘0’ symbolizes the global community and future world. The word ‘Think’ inside is an imagery of the Korean Peninsula, and captures the status and vision of KDI as the nation’s leading research institute that serves as aand a hub and mecca for policy expertise, and is steadfast in its research holds its philosophies and foresight.

KDI Brochure
  • · Brief History
  • · Research Milestones
  • · Global Reach
  • · Organization and Tasks
  • · Global Cooperation Network
  • · Dissemination Channels
  • · Major Publications
  • · Vision and Mission
  • · President's Message
1971~2014 Four Decades of KDI
KDI: Guiding Korea’s Social and Economic Transformation
I. At the Forefront of Policy Research and Design
II. Promoting Development Cooperation and Knowledge Sharing
  • · A Leader in Knowledge Sharing in the International Development Community
  • · Promoting Greater Fiscal Efficiency
  • · Raising Awareness on Public Policy and Promoting Economic Education
  • · Fostering the Leaders and Reformers of Tomorrow
Sejong: A New Chapter in KDI’s History
Major Developments in KDI’s History
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