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기타보고서 Realizing the Potential of Public-Private Partnerships to Advance Asia's Infrastructure Development 2019.01.31

기타보고서 Realizing the Potential of Public-Private Partnerships to Advance Asia's Infrastructure Development #공공투자정책 연구 #민간투자사업평가(적격성조사, 타당성분석, 협상보고서, 자금재조달)


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    Akash Deep
「아시아의 지속가능 발전을 위한 민간투자사업의 역할과 잠재성」
(Realizing the Potential of Public-Private Partnerships to Advance Asia’s Infrastructure Development)

- 아시아 지역의 빠른 발전에도 불구하고 전기, 교통, 수도, 위생시설 등 인프라는 아직 부족한 상황, 이에 민간자본과 전문성을 효율적으로 활용하는 민간투자사업의 필요성이 증대

○ 인프라 구축은 아시아 국가 및 지역 발전의 필수 요소일 뿐만 아니라 도시화와 가치 창출 구조 강화를 위한 핵심 요소임.

- 본 보고서는 아시아 국가의 민간투자사업을 통한 인프라 발전 가능성과 위험요인을 살펴보고 효율적 자금조달 방식을 강조하는 한편, 한국의 선진적 민간투자사업 제도와 경험, 시사점을 공유

○ 제1장에서는 민간투자사업의 효용과 위험요인을 평가하고 검토

○ 제2장에서는 민간투자사업의 자금조달에 영향을 미치는 요인과 협조융자방식, 리스크 경감 방안 등을 제시

○ 제3장에서는 한국의 민간투자사업 경험과 시사점을 설명, 향후 아시아 지역 국가의 성공적 민간투자사업을 위해 한국, 필리핀, 인도네시아의 제도와 현황을 비교·분석
This book is an outcome of the collaboration between the Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department (ERCD) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Korea Development Institute (KDI) under ADB’s regional technical assistance research project—Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2016–2018. The project supports the production of the ADO, one of ADB’s flagship knowledge products. This book was born out of the theme chapter—Sustaining Development through Public–Private Partnership—of the Asian Development Outlook 2017 Update. The chapter, coauthored by members of ADB and KDI and Akash Deep, senior lecturer in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, examined the state of public–private partnerships (PPP) in developing Asia, and how these partnerships can contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction. It also discussed how PPPs can be used to meet developing Asia’s infrastructure needs and contribute to sustainable development. This book contains the background papers that were used in the preparation of the theme chapter. All the papers have been updated and expanded for this book.

- Despite the rapid economic progress, Asian countries are still troubled by deficits in the infrastructure for electricity, transportation, water supply, sanitation, etc., increasing the demand for PPPs which efficiently utilizes private capital and expertise.

○ Developing infrastructure serves as a key factor not only in a region’s economic development but also in urbanization and building a stronger value chains.

- The report focuses on the prospect of PPP-driven infrastructure development in Asian countries and the risks challenging them. There are also insights into Korea’s advanced PPP system and its experiences and lessons and the importance of efficient financing mechanisms.

○ Chapter 1 evaluates the benefits and risks of PPP projects.

○ Chapter 2 analyzes factors affecting the financing for PPPs and suggests methods for syndicated loans and risk mitigation.

○ Chapter 3 details Korea’s experiences with PPPs and the implications, and compares the current condition and system of Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia as a way to explore the future direction for successful PPPs in Asian countries.
Tables, Figures, and Boxes

1. Overview

2. The Empirical Evidence and Channels for Effective Public–Private Partnerships

3. Assessing Risk in Public–Private Partnerships

4. Factors Influencing Bank Project Financing of Infrastructure Public–Private Partnership Projects in Developing Asia

5. Syndicated Loans in Project Finance: Empirical Evidence from Asian Public–Private Partnership Markets

6. Determinants of Public–Private Partnerships in Infrastructure in Emerging Economies

7. Risk Mitigation and Sovereign Guarantees for Public–Private Partnerships in Developing Economies

8. Delivering Economic Benefits from Public–Private Partnerships: The Experience of the Republic of Korea

9. Public–Private Partnerships versus Traditional Procurement: A Comparison of Financing Modalities in the Republic of Korea

10. Improving the Performance of Public–Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Services in Asia through Better Regulation

11. Public–Private Partnership Development in Southeast Asia

12. Public–Private Partnership Systems in the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, and Indonesia: A Comparative Review

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