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News New Exhibition Opens at the Global Knowledge Exchange & Development Center


New Exhibition Opens at the Global Knowledge Exchange & Development Center

New Exhibition Opens at the Global Knowledge Exchange & Development Center:
K-Enterprise, Transformation and Convergence

  • On January 31, 2024, the opening ceremony of the 'K-Enterprise, Transformation and Convergence' exhibition was held at the Global Knowledge Exchange & Development Center in Hongneung, Seoul. The exhibition aimed to showcase the growth journey and core strategies of leading Korean companies both domestically and internationally, focusing on their commitment to continuous challenge and innovation.

    The opening ceremony was attended by several prominent individuals, including KDI President Cho Dongchul, Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy Ahn Dukgeun, Chairperson of the National Research Council for Economics, Humanities, and Social Sciences (NRC) Jung Hae-Gu, former Vice Prime Minister Jin Nyum, former Vice Prime Minister Kwon O-kyu, as well as more than 50 former and current senior government officials and business leaders from renowned companies such as Doosan, Samsung Electronics, POSCO, Hanwha, Hyundai Motor Group, CJ ENM, and LG Electronics.

    "I hope this exhibition will shine a light on the achievements of Korean companies that have transformed themselves from followers to leaders, and provide an opportunity to experience a glimpse of the future they are guiding," said KDI President Cho in his opening remarks.

    "It is very meaningful to be able to share the history of Korea, which has achieved two centuries of Western industrialization in half a century, and the examples of companies that have never stopped innovating," said NRC Chairperson Jung, in his welcome remarks.

    In his congratulatory remarks, Ahn, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy said, "The exhibition's themes of transformation, convergence, and dynamism are the solution to overcoming the complex crisis facing the Korean economy." "We will promote industrial policies in the direction of increasing the dynamism of industries and companies as a whole to boost economic vitality." 

    In his encouraging remarks, former Vice Prime Minister Kwon O-kyu emphasized that "the challenging spirit and innovation that Korean companies have shown over the years can serve as a lesson in overcoming the difficulties the Korean economy is currently facing.“

  • The exhibition introduces the process of challenge and innovation of Korean companies in three stages - birth, growth, and the future- and highlights the transformation of technology and convergence of industries centered on future mobility. The exhibition creates a digital technology zone that includes mobility, connectivity, and convenience, as well as a cultural zone including entertainment, richly conveying the development and future vision of Korean companies in a storytelling format. In particular, it offers various attractions such as IONIQ 5-based robot taxi with Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities, autonomous driving demonstration videos through transparent display, and media highlights from K-movie, drama, and K-pop.

  • • Mobility (Mobility, Evolving into a Living Space): Starting from the first domestic unique model 'Pony' and moving towards future mobility, the zone provides a look at the past, present, and future of the automobile industry as well as the petrochemical and steel industries which are transforming from basic industries to eco-friendly energy industries.

  • • Connectivity (Hyperconnectivity, Connecting Everything in the World): The zone introduces the development of semiconductors, which are the starting point of future industries, mobile communications which enable communication with objects, and AI platform industries built on top of computation and communication, and the ultra-connected society that will be realized by the convergence of these industries.

  • • Convenience (Technological Innovation, Changing the Way of Life): The zone provides an overview of the development of mobile devices and home appliances that have changed our lives, offering a glimpse into the future of daily life which will be transformed by electrical and electronic equipment (electronics) and robotics, attracting attention as next-generation technologies.

  • •  Entertainment (Korean Wave, Grasping the World’s Attention): The world is paying attention to cultural content, especially the Korean Wave, which has evolved beyond art into an industry. This zone explores how the movie, drama, K-pop, and gaming industries are gaining global competitiveness.

    'K-Enterprise, Transformation and Convergence' aims to provide a deeper understanding of how Korean companies are securing a leading position in the global market and the challenges and innovations they face along the way. 

    The exhibition is open year-round, free of charge, following its opening on January 31. Detailed program information and closing dates can be found on the Global Knowledge Exchange & Development Center website (

  • Written by:
    Sunhan Kim, Head of Exhibition Planning Team,  02-6312-4020,


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