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[3-3] The CurrentState of Energy Transition in South Korea: Challenges & Opportunities

YUN, Sun-Jin2018.05.28

Session 3. Path to Green Inclusive Society
Presentation 3. The Current State of Energy Transition in South Korea: Challenges and Opportunities
YUN Sun-Jin Professor of Seoul National University

□ South Korea is currently under a great experiment in the process of energy transition.
○ The Moon Jae-in government, which was elected in May 2017 on a pledge to phase out coal-fired and nuclear power generation and bring renewable energies on a large scale, has taken first steps to implement its promises.
○ As the energy system develops more towards decentralization, the participation of diverse actors including local governments, local residents, and local NGOs, etc. will increase.
□ To realize a good energy governance, the participation of various stakeholders in the decision-making process is important.
○ In order to achieve energy transition, challenges such as the supply-oriented national energy policy, institutional barriers against energy alternatives and a decentralized energy system, and lack of financial support need to be contested.
○ The sustainable energy transition will gain momentum if there are more concerned citizens and enterprises driven by continued successful experience for energy transition in addition to the government’s will.
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